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Standard UK p&p 2.00 (smaller items) or 3.50 (small parcel) any quantity.
oth251 Boxed set 2 packs playing cards, 'BRITISH RAIL MIDLAND ELECTRICS' 5
oth439 SOUTHERN RAILWAY pencils, unused 5 each
oth594 unboxed complete set of British Road Services (BRS) playing cards by De La Rue, good clean condition 5
oth618 Great Eastern Railway Bryant & May vesta match tin, part of front label missing, H.C.Amendt worked for GER in 1892 and was manager of the Great Eastern Hotel at Harwich 1898-1914 20
oth703 Silver plated sugar tongs, 'G & SW RAILWAY HOTELS', Glasgow & South Western Railway, made by Elkington, date letter 'V' for 1907, 4.4 inches in length 25
oth717 Silver plated pickle fork, 'G & SW RLY HOTELS', Glasgow & South Western Railway, made by Elkington, date letter 'I' for 1920, 5.3 inches in length 25
oth751 Pencil, 'LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY B636', made by Cumberland Pencil Co Ltd, green, unused, length 7.0 inches 5
oth759 Pencil, 'LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY B635', made by Cumberland Pencil Co Ltd, blue, unused, length 7.0 inches 5
oth760 GWR pencil (Great Western Railway), unused, 7 inches in length 8
oth762 Fork, London & North Western Railway crest on front, 'MARINE DEPARTMENT' on back, made by Elkington with a date letter 'V' for 1907, 7.6 inches in length 20
oth771 Unused pencil, 'L.M.S. ERO.90260/4.', normal lead, 7" long 5
oth773 Horsebrass, 'L.&N.W.R', London & North Western Railway, width 2.2 inches (max), height 1.7 inches (max) 15
oth794 Boxed playing cards 'THE NORFOLK BROADS', London & North Eastern Railway, made by Waddington, complete set (52 cards), clean condition 18
oth797 B.C.D.R. brass match striker from a coach, Belfast & County Down Railway (pre 1948). 4.6" x 1.5" 20
oth803 Rubber stamp on wooden handle, 'ABERCYNON W.R. 15. 15
oth814 Bronze numbered plaque, 'VULCAN WORKS 1830 1980 NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS', numbered on back 689, 3.25inches across 30
oth816 Two pen nibs, both marked 'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY' in full, one is 'No 3', the other 'No 5' 5
oth820 Heavy fob to identify chains after being tested 'LOCO SUPT TESTING HOUSE NO 40 SWINDON WORKS', measures 81mm x 46mm 12
oth826 LMS cast iron signal lever collar - to stop lever being used, 4.5" x 2.2" 12
oth828 Ticket nips, 'L.M.S' 20
oth831 Nickle? badge surround from Routemaster bus(?), 12" x 10" 25
oth832 Key ring and patch from Wembley Intercity depot 3
oth833 North Eastern Railway leather cash bag with raised brass plate, 'N.E.R. BOOKING OFFICE CASTLEFORD' (West Yorkshire), measures 9.6" top to bottom, plate 2" across SOLD