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RAILWAY BUTTONS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
bu3061 'GREAT NORTH OF SCOTLAND RAILWAY', 25mm, brass 30
bu3331 'GW & LMS', Great Western & London Midland Scottish Joint Railway, brass, 23mm 12
bu3385 'GREAT NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY' (GNER), plastic?, 22mm 15
bu3529 Two buttons, 'double arrow', early British Rail, nickel and gilt, both 23mm 3
bu3553 Two buttons, 'LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY', 23mm 10
bu3580 'THE NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY COMPANY', senior staff, gilt brass, 17mm 25
bu3609 'GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY', title around COA, Inspector, 24mm, brass 20
bu3616 'HIGHLAND RAILWAY', early design, brass, 17mm 25
bu3618 'HIGHLAND RAILWAY', early design, brass, 17mm 25
bu3693 'GLASGOW & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY', brass, 19mm 18
bu3737 'GWR' in Gothic script gilt senior staff button, Queen Victoria crown, 23mm (6 available) 15
bu3798 'NORTH LONDON RAILWAY', 'loco' design, gilt, 16mm 45
bu3799 'NBR', North British Railway, 25mm, brass 15
bu3827 3 x different sizes 'LNER', 1934 period onwards 5
bu3828 5 x 'THE GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY', 17mm, nickel 12
bu3829 'THE GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY', 28mm, nickel 6
bu3830 2 x 'THE GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY', 20mm, nickel 8
bu3851 'TAFF VALE RAILWAY', brass, 24mm 15
bu3854 'GWR' in gothic script above anchor with rope surround, Marine Dept., 25mm, brass 15
bu3893 'GCR', Great Central railway, nickel, 17mm 10
bu3901 'SJC', Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway Senior Staff, brass, 23mm 25
bu3902 'NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY COMPANY', 25mm, gilt brass 60
bu3903 'GREAT SOUTHERN & WESTERN', (Southern Ireland - pre1925), nickel, 23mm 25-reserved
bu3905 'M&SWJR', Midland & South Western Jct Railway, brass, 25mm 70
bu3913 'CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS', nickel, 17mm 12
NON RAILWAY BUTTONS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
bu3296 Tramways, 'SUNDERLAND CORPORATION TRAMWAYS', nickel, 25mm 8
bu3369 Transport, 'BLACKPOOL CORPORATION TRANSPORT', nickel, 17mm 3
bu3370 Tramways, 'LANARKSHIRE TRAMWAYS COMPANY', gilt, 16mm 15
bu3371 Tramways, 'NELSON CORPORATION TRAMWAYS COMPANY', brass, 24mm 15
bu3685 Tramways, 'LINCOLN CORPORATION TRAMWAYS', 23mm, nickel 5
bu3689 Tramways, early 'WIGAN CORPORATION TRAMWAYS', brass, 25mm 18
bu3692 'CITY OF LONDON CLUB', one piece, 26mm, brass 3
bu3792 Buttons x 4, 'DERBYSHIRE CONSTABULARY, nickel, 24mm 5
bu3793 Police, 'BIRKENHEAD POLICE FORCE', nickel, 17mm, 5
bu3794 Police, 'SUNDERLAND POLICE', nickel, 23mm 12
bu3795 Police, 'MANCHESTER POLICE', nickel, 17mm 5
bu3796 Police, 'OXFORD POLICE', nickel, 19mm, Kings crown 5
bu3797 Police, 5 x 'TEESSIDE CONSTABULARY', nickel, 17mm 4
bu3825 6 x 'LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING', 16mm, gilt 5