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RAILWAY BUTTONS. UK p&p 3.00 any quantity
bu3854 'GWR' in gothic script above anchor with rope surround, Marine Dept., 25mm, brass 20
bu4032 'GW & LMS', Great Western & LMS Joint (Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway), brass, 23mm 8
bu4051 GWR chinstrap, brass, 16mm 5
bu4126 'HIGHLAND RAILWAY', early design, brass, 17mm 25
bu4159 'L M S' nickel button. LMS Dining Cars earlier design, 23mm 18
bu4178 ''MIDLAND RAILWAY' x 6, nickel, 17mm, slight variations in design 16
bu4200 'GLASGOW & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY', brass, 25mm 15
bu4207 'MANCHESTER SHIP CANAL RAILWAY', 3 large and 2 small, chrome 8
bu4236 Intertwined 'BR', British Rail experimental design (c1964-1966), white metal, 22mm 6
bu4239 large 'LONDON MIDLAND SCOTTISH RAILWAY COMPANY, black horn (for mackintosh), 28mm diameter 15
bu4240 'UNDERGROUND', nickel, 18mm, Underground Railways after 1913 15
bu4254 'LONDON & NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY', Inspector grade, gilt, 24mm 12
bu4332 'TAFF VALE RAILWAY', brass, 24mm 18
bu4345 GWR police 'coat of arms', nickel, 19mm 15
bu4359 4 x GWR Senior Staff, early 20thC (c1910-1934), gilt, 23mm - jacket size 18
bu4360 4 x GWR Senior Staff, early 20thC (c1910-1934), gilt, 23mm - jacket size 18
bu4404 'BR' (intertwined) early British Rail experimental design, black horn, 25mm  NEW - Added 25th March 10
bu4405 'GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY Co STEAMSHIPS', gilt, 19mm NEW - Added 25th March 18
bu4408 'GCR', Great Central Railway, nickel, 20mm NEW - Added 25th March 15
bu4409 'MET & GC', Metropolitan Railway & Great Central Railway Joint Line, brass, 26mm NEW - Added 25th March 18
bu4410 'GW & LMS', Great Western & LMS Joint Railway (Severn & Wye Railway), nickel, 23mm NEW - Added 25th March 22
bu4411 'BJS', Bristol Joint Station (Temple Meads), brass, 18mm NEW - Added 25th March 15
bu4412 'TAFF VALE RAILWAY', brass, 24mm NEW - Added 25th March 12
bu4432 GWR Police, 'twin shields' CoA, 24mm, black horn, in good condition - difficult to photograph! NEW - Added 2nd April 18
bu4436 6 x 'GWR' Senior Staff, 1934-1947 issue, gilt, 23mm - jacket size NEW - Added 8th April 25
bu4438 Button, 'DW&WR', Dublin, Wicklow & Wexford Railway (Republic of Ireland), 17mm, nickel NEW - Added 8th April 24
bu4439 5 x 'London & North Western Railway', nickel, different sizes, 25mm, 20mm and 17mm NEW - Added 8th April 22
NON RAILWAY BUTTONS. UK p&p 3.00 any quantity
bu3685 Tramways, 'LINCOLN CORPORATION TRAMWAYS', nickel, 23mm, 1905-1929 10
bu4177 'WARRINGTON CORORATION TRAMWAYS', brass, 24mm, 1902-1935 15
bu4180 'R & W' x 4, Red and White Services (bus company 1929-1978, nickel, 23mm 12
bu4182 Button die (positive), 'NORTH YORKSHIRE FIRE BRIGADE', 'button' 27mm diameter, die 34mm 5
For enquiries/orders please email