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RAILWAY BUTTONS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
bu4051 GWR chinstrap, brass, 16mm 5
bu4345 GWR police 'coat of arms', nickel, 19mm SOLD
bu4412 'TAFF VALE RAILWAY', brass, 24mm 15
bu4432 GWR Police, 'twin shields' CoA, 24mm, black horn, in good condition - difficult to photograph! 18
bu4436 6 x 'GWR' Senior Staff, 1934-1947 issue, gilt, 23mm - jacket size 25
bu4439 5 x 'London & North Western Railway', nickel, different sizes, 25mm, 20mm and 17mm 22
bu4440 'GW & LMS', Great Western & LMS Joint (Severn & Wye Railway), nickel, 25mm 25
bu4441 'MET & LNE' (on 3 lines), 25mm, brass, 'METROPOLITAN & LNER RAILWAY' (joint line between Verney Jcn and Harrow plus branch to Chesham). 18
bu4446 4 x 'NBR', North British Railway, 25mm, brass 26
bu4447 'THE NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY COMPANY', senior staff, gilt, 26mm 45
bu4455 3 x 'GWR', motorman, black horn, 24mm 16
bu4464 'GN & L&NW', Great Northern Railway and London & North Western Joint Railway, brass, 25mm 35
NON RAILWAY BUTTONS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
bu3685 Tramways, 'LINCOLN CORPORATION TRAMWAYS', nickel, 23mm, 1905-1929 10
bu4177 'WARRINGTON CORORATION TRAMWAYS', brass, 24mm, 1902-1935 15
bu4180 'R & W' x 4, Red and White Services (bus company 1929-1978, nickel, 23mm 12
bu4182 Button die (positive), 'NORTH YORKSHIRE FIRE BRIGADE', 'button' 27mm diameter, die 34mm 5
For enquiries/orders please email