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Paychecks and Tokens
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RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. Postage 2.50 any quantity
pc806 'HUSKISSON LMR T 200' (ex CLC, north Liverpool) Brass Round 10
pc819 'BR. LMR. St ALBANS 32 M.P.' (Motive Power) Brass Round 15
pc820 'BR. LMR. St ALBANS 8 M.P.' (Motive Power) Brass Round 15
pc857 'L.M.& S.R. MILLHOUSES 278 M.P.' (motive power), Sheffield loco shed closed January 1962 Brass Round 18
pc861 'L.M.& S.R. SKIPTON 135 M.P.' (motive power) Brass Round 22
pc862 'M.R. LOCO. LEEDS 697' (Midland Railway) Brass Round 16
pc866 'L.N.E.R LOCO DEPT NEW.ENG. 606', New England loco shed Peterborough Brass Oval 15
pc895 'L&NWR BROAD ST GOODS 933, London & North Western Railway (pre 1923) White metal Round 5
pc896 'L.M. & S.R. LEICESTER (GOODS) 714' White metal Oval 12
pc897 'L.M.&S.R, MID. DIVISION LOCO.LEICESTER 212' Brass Round 14
pc898 'B.T.C MOTIVE POWER DEPT GUIDE BRIDGE 133' Brass Oval 15
pc899 'L.N.E.R LOCO.DEPT.CAMB 785', Cambridge Brass Oval 16
pc900 'B.R (E.REG) SH'LD MID ENGRS W'SHOPS 245' (Sheffield), 54mm across Brass Oval 5
pc901 'B.R (E.REG) SH'LD (WICK) ENG'S 256' (British Railways Eastern Region Sheffield Wicker Street), 54mm across Brass Oval 5
pc912 'L.M.&S.R. TRAFFIC DEPT DERBY 214', 44mm across Brass Rectangular 18
pc914 'M.Ry. C.&W.DEPT BRISTOL 81' Brass Hexagonal 18
pc925 'L.M. & S.R. BRISTOL (GOODS) 462' White metal Oval 15
pc956 'L.M.&S.R, MID. DIVISION LOCO.MANNINGHAM 296', Bradford Brass Round 22
pc962 'LOCO SHEDS 93', 35mm, British Railways or Industrial ? Brass Round 12
pc968 'LNWR 2 PC 986', 2=shed code for Willesden (London) Brass Hexagonal 10
pc970 'LNWR 10 PC 84', 10=shed code for Birmingham (previously Aston) White metal Faceted 10
pc971 'LM&SR SALTLEY 1286 DUPLICATE M.P.', Saltley Motive Power Depot, Birmingham Brass Round 12
pc972 'LNW 15 PC 1047', 15=shed code for Crewe Brass Round flat base 10
pc974 'MOTIVE POWER CAMDEN 30', loco shed for London Euston Brass Round 10
pc975 'LNWR 8W PC 247', 8=shed code for Rugby, 'W' signifies sub shed of Warwick Brass Hexagonal 12
pc981 'P.C.D. MARYLEBONE 401' Brass Rectangular 5
pc990 'GOOLE L&Y.R.Co 998', Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Brass Round 18

For enquiries/orders please email
NON-RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. Postage 2.50 any quantity
pc951 'N.C.B ROSSINGTON 1538', National Coal Board, South Yorkshire , closed 2000? Brass Hexagonal 4
pc960 brass token CASTLEFORD CORPORATION (Yorkshire), 33mm across, transport related ? Brass Round 5
pc963 large brass bus token or pay check 'WALLASEY CORPORATION MOTOR BUSES' (Liverpool), 38mm across Brass Round 12
pc964 car parking machine token British Auto Co 14 Appold Treet London B20, pre 1957 as company finished in 1956, 31mm across Brass Round 4
pc973 'M & S 323', unknown origin, 31mm across White metal Round 4