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Paychecks and Tokens
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RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
pc749 'L.N.E.R LOCO DEPT NEW.ENG. 606', New England loco shed Peterborough Brass Oval 15
pc759 'G.W.R LOCO & CARR DEPT. PAY CHEQUE' , (sample in picture), nos 212, 543, 552, 556, 590 Copper Oval 5 each
pc762 GOOLE L&Y.R.Co 1145', Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Brass Round 18
pc763 'SANDON 104 L M S' (Staffordshire), 38mm diameter Brass Round 10
pc766 'L.M.& S.R. TRAFFIC DEPT. 18 KENTISH TOWN' Brass Rectangular 18
pc768 'L.M.S 793 BOLTON' Brass Round 6
pc769 'L&NWR CURZON ST BIRMm 296', London & North Western Railway (pre 1923) White metal Round 12
pc770 'CAMBRIDGE BR.E. 4525', 42mm diameter White metal Round 10
pc771 'L.N.E.R LOCO.DEPT.CAMB 430', Cambridge Brass Oval 16
pc773 'N.L.R. PAY CHECK 914', North London Railway, 44mm x 32mm Brass Rectangular 16
pc781 'GWR CARR & WAGON DEPT PAY CHEQUE 526' Copper Rectangular 4
pc782 'L.N.E.R C.M.E. DEPT CAMB. 2605', Brass Oval 15
pc783 'L.M.& S.R. T F C 321 EUSTON' Brass Square 5
pc791 'SOTON DOCKS 221 N.T. LSWR' (N.T. = ?), milled edge, 32mm diameter NEW - Added 3rd April Brass Round 35

NON-RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
pc772 token 'LLANTHONY BRIDGE BRIDGE INN GLOUCESTER / FORD & WITTS ', used to be close to current National Waterways Museum, 23mm diameter Brass Round 25

COINS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity