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Paychecks and Tokens
RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
pc453 'L.M.S. GOODS DEPT ST PANCRAS 106', 46mm diameter White metal Oval 5
pc496 'G.W.R CARR SW'DON 3141', GWR Carriage Dept Swindon Brass Pear shape 22
pc497 'G.W.R LOCO SWINDON C T O', (Check Taken Off?) Brass Tear drop 25
pc522 'R.M.D. SALTLEY 146', Road Motor Department, Saltley Birmingham Brass Oval 18-reserved
pc555 'L.M.R. TRAFFIC MILES PLATTING 96' (Manchester) Brass Round 15
pc556 'MOTIVE POWER CAMDEN 239' (London) Brass Round 12
pc595 'B.R (E.REG) SH'LD (WICK) ENG'S 272' (British Railways Eastern Region Sheffield Wicker Street), 54mm across Brass Oval 6
pc596 'B.R (E.REG) SH'LD (WICK) ENG'S 355' (British Railways Eastern Region Sheffield Wicker Street), 54mm across Brass Oval 6
pc597 'B.R (E.REG) SH'LD MID ENGRS W'SHOPS 237' (Sheffield), 54mm across Brass Oval 6
pc598 'B.R (E.REG) SH'LD MID ENGRS W'SHOPS 269' (Sheffield), 54mm across Brass Oval 6
pc599 GOOLE L&Y.R.Co 1145', Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Brass Round 18
pc621 'B R TRAFFIC DEPT 27 LEICESTER DEPOT' Brass Square 16
pc631 'L.M.& S.R. SALTLEY 152 M.P.' (motive power) Brass Round 14-reserved
pc632 'L&NWR 46 CARTAGE', 30mm across White metal Octagonal 12-reserved
pc633 'L.M.& S.R. LEEDS 878 M.P.' (motive power) Brass Round 12
pc634 'M. R. LOCO. LEEDS' Brass Round 15
pc639 'L.M.& S.R. TRAFFIC DEPT 133 LAWLEY ST DEPOT' (Birmingham) Brass Square 22
pc641 'L.M.& S.R. T F C 321 EUSTON' Brass Square 10
pc642 'LNER 150' , height 37mm Brass Teardrop 12
pc657 'GLOUCESTER L.M.S C&W DEPT 34', 32mm high Brass Hexagonal 35
pc661 'L.M.&S.R. WELLINGBORO 687 M.P.' (Motive Power) White metal Round 15
pc662 'L.M.&S.R, TRAFFIC DEPT. 33 KETTERING DEPOT' Brass Square 18
pc663 ' B R 959 CANTON' (Cardiff), 38mm diameter Brass Round 8-reserved
pc664 'G.W.R. WORKMEN'S CLUB 6d', 368 stamped on back, 33mm diameter Brass Round 15
pc665 'N.L.R. PAY CHECK 914', North London Railway, 44mm x 32mm Brass Rectangular 12
pc678 Large disc - purpose unknown, '315 L.M.S', both sides stamped the same, , width 51mm Brass Round 3
pc680 'LNWR 6 326 PC', 6=shed code for Bescot (previously Northampton and Doncaster) Brass Hexagonal 12
pc682 'LNWR 38 419 PC', 38=shed code for Llandudno Junction Brass Hexagonal 12
pc685 'LNWR 5 316 PC', 5=shed code for Northampton previously Wolverton) Brass Hexagonal 12
pc686 'LNWR 2 986 PC', 2=shed code for Willesden (London) Brass Hexagonal 12
pc689 'LNWR 10 319 PC', 10=shed code for Birmingham (previously Aston) Brass Hexagon 12-reserved
pc690 'LNWR 3 319 PC', 3=shed code for Bletchley Brass Hexagon 12
pc692 'L&YR Co SOWERBY BRIDGE 92', Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Brass Round 38
pc708 'L M R TRAFFIC 846 EUSTON' Brass Square 5
pc709 'L.N.E.R C.M.E. DEPT CAMB. 2605', Brass Oval 22
pc710 'G.W.R PAY CHEQUE 43' Copper Half moon 6
pc711 'SOUTHERN RAILWAY 124', very worn but unusual Brass Oval 25
pc712 '100 STARBECK N.E.R' with '100 N.E.R' on rear, Starbeck is Harrogate Brass Hexagonal 15
pc715 'BR M T F C 1072 EUSTON' Brass Square 5
pc736 'L&Y.R. Co BOLTON 524', Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Brass Round 24
pc737 'L.M.& S.R. T F C 215 EUSTON' Brass Square 8
pc738 'L.M.R. ENGINEERS MANCR.LON.RD 717', Manchester London Road - adjoins Piccadilly Brass Round 12
pc739 'L & Y.R.Co 276 MILES PLATTIN (G)', Manchester NEW - Added 18th February Brass Round 22
pc740 'BR. LMR. St ALBANS 27 M.P.' (Motive Power) NEW - Added 18th February Brass Round 15
pc741 'B.R (W) 34 SHOP TOOL STORES' NEW - Added 18th February Brass Teardrop 26
pc742 'G.N.R. ENGrs DEPt PAY 1489', Great Northern Railway (pre 1923) NEW - Added 19th February Brass Round 5

NON-RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
pc390 Pub token Pub token, 'LLANTHONY BRIDGE BRIDGE INN GLOUCESTER / FORD & WITTS ', used to be close to current National Waterways Museum, 23mm diameter Brass Round 25
bu3940 token Large token, 'ALEXANDRA (N.&.S.W.) DOCKS & RAILWAY CANTEEN 1 PINT', 38mm diameter Nickel(?) Round 95