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Paychecks and Tokens
RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
pc663 ' B R 959 CANTON' (Cardiff), 38mm diameter Brass Round 8
pc678 Large disc - purpose unknown, '315 L.M.S', both sides stamped the same, , width 51mm Brass Round 3
pc681 'LNWR 6 240 PC', 6=shed code for Bescot (previously Northampton and Doncaster) Brass Hexagonal 14
pc682 'LNWR 38 419 PC', 38=shed code for Llandudno Junction Brass Hexagonal 15
pc685 'LNWR 5 316 PC', 5=shed code for Northampton previously Wolverton) Brass Hexagonal 12
pc686 'LNWR 2 986 PC', 2=shed code for Willesden (London) Brass Hexagonal 10
pc713 'G.W.R LOCO SWINDON C T O', (Check Taken Off/Central Time Office?) Brass Teardrop SOLD
pc714 'LNWR 10 319 PC', 10=shed code for Birmingham (previously Aston) Brass Hexagonal 8
pc737 'L.M.& S.R. T F C 215 EUSTON' Brass Square 8
pc738 'L.M.R. ENGINEERS MANCR.LON.RD 717', Manchester London Road - renamed Piccadilly in 1960 Brass Round 12
pc739 'L & Y.R.Co 276 MILES PLATTIN (G)', Manchester, '276 T F C' on back Brass Round 18
pc749 'L.N.E.R LOCO DEPT NEW.ENG. 606', New England loco shed Peterborough Brass Oval 15
pc756 'G.W.R LOCO DEPT. PAY CHEQUE' - only numbers 59 and 271 left Copper Oval 5 each
pc759 'G.W.R LOCO & CARR DEPT. PAY CHEQUE' , (sample in picture), nos 212, 543, 552, 556, 590 Copper Oval 5 each
pc761 'L.M.&S.R, MID. DIVISION LOCO.BURTON 565' Brass Round 15
pc762 GOOLE L&Y.R.Co 1145', Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Brass Round 18
pc763 'SANDON 104 L M S' (Staffordshire), 38mm diameter Brass Round 10
pc764 'GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY LOCO PAY CHEQUE S.R. 1485', S.R. is embossed and denotes Stafford Road, Wolverhampton Copper Oval 18
pc765 'L.M.& S.R. SALTLEY 822 M.P.' (motive power), Birmingham area Brass Round 15
pc766 'L.M.& S.R. TRAFFIC DEPT. 18 KENTISH TOWN' Brass Rectangular 18
pc767 'G.C.R TRAFFIC DEPT 301', Great Central Railway Brass Oval 12
pc768 'L.M.S 793 BOLTON' Brass Round 6
pc769 'L&NWR CURZON ST BIRMm 296', London & North Western Railway (pre 1923) White metal Round 12
pc770 'CAMBRIDGE BR.E. 4525', 42mm diameter White metal Round 10
pc771 'L.N.E.R LOCO.DEPT.CAMB 430', Cambridge Brass Oval 16
pc773 'N.L.R. PAY CHECK 914', North London Railway, 44mm x 32mm Brass Rectangular 16
pc781 'GWR CARR & WAGON DEPT PAY CHEQUE 526' Copper Rectangular 4
pc782 'L.N.E.R C.M.E. DEPT CAMB. 2605', Brass Oval 15
pc783 'L.M.& S.R. T F C 321 EUSTON' Brass Square 5

NON-RAILWAY CHECKS AND TOKENS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity
pc772 token 'LLANTHONY BRIDGE BRIDGE INN GLOUCESTER / FORD & WITTS ', used to be close to current National Waterways Museum, 23mm diameter Brass Round 25
bu4087 token Brass token, 'DOWLAIS IRON CO 999 RAILWAY PASS', 34mm diameter Brass Round 30

COINS. UK p&p 2.00 any quantity